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    Our Program of Addiction Recovery

    Residential Treatment Program

    Our 30 day residential stay that targets the addiction to drug and alcohol and a solution to families that must recover together.

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    The Intensive Outpatient Program includes educating clients on the disease concept of addiction; identifying psychosocial stressors that lead to substance abuse; treating the addiction following the 12-step model and Recovery Dynamics; and providing relapse prevention and life skills training. The Intensive Outpatient Program typically lasts four (4) to twelve (12) weeks meeting 3 times a week. IOP has a day as well as a night program to aoccomdate most schedules. The day program meets MTW 9am to 12pm and the night program meets MTW 5pm to 8pm.

    Substance Abuse Rehab is a treatment structure that focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects associated with this form of abuse. Our experienced team offer professional guidance, speaking from personal backgrounds and offering encouragement during your time of need.

    If the individual is committed to beating their addiction then we are committed to helping them.

    It is proven that Rehab is the most effective solution to smash the ‘cycle’ of dependence and break free from the oppressive nature it creates. If you are serious about starting a fresh, you have already taken a significant step forward.

    Addiction is a progressive, destructive monster misunderstood by large parts of society. We aim to provide our visitors with opportunity to get their lives back on track and offer Drug Rehab the way it should be.

    What to bring to treatment.

    What to bring

    • 7 Days of Clothes (See Dress Code)
    • Tennis Shoes, Shower Shoes, Slippers
    • Laundry Basket
    • Bathrobe
    • Hygiene Items – Deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner, Toothpaste Toothbrush, Alcohol Free Mouthwash, Body wash, Saving Cream, Razor
    • Towels & Washcloths
    • Hair Dryer/Flat Iron
    • Laundry Detergent & roll of quarters for washer/dryer
    • Wristwatch (not necessary)
    • Extra Pillow/Blanket
    • ID & Insurance Card
    • Cigarettes

    What not to bring

    • Make-up, Aftershave, Over-the-counter medications, Expensive or Sentimental items (such as jewelry)

    Dress Code

    • Clothing should be neat and fit appropriately
    • No saggy pants; all pants fit at waist
    • No tight shirts (if bra marks can be seen through the shirt, shirt is too tight)
    • Shirts must cover torso
    • No sleeveless clothing
    • No clothes with holes
    • Shorts and skirts must reach below the knee
    • Sleepwear should follow same rules as daytime clothing (appropriate fit, no sleeveless shirts, shorts below knee)
    • NO clothing with references to drugs, alcohol, sex or violence.


    We believe that family relationships play a vital role in the recovery process. Continuous Family Counseling is committed to enhancing and strengthening family relationships for the addicted individual as well as for the family members.

    Program Goals for Family

    • Contact with the family within the first 48 hours to discuss therapy plan and goals
    • Regularly scheduled Family Therapy twice during the client’s stay.
    • Face to Face Family education and group day.


    It is no secret that the key to The Serenity Center of Louisiana’s success is the highly trained and well experienced staff. WE have developed an addiction recovery program using Recovery Dynamics that is second to none. Our staff interacts on both a professional and personal level, making Serenity Center an exceptional place for treatment.

    Admistrative and Counseling Staff

    Monique Claitor, RAC


    Dr. Brad Smith

    Medical Director

    Dr. Marc Zimmerman

    Dell Guerra

    Director of Nurses

    Beau Dantin, LMFT

    Clinical Director

    Danielle Garth, RAC

    Intensive Outpatient Coordinator

    Jeff Simmons, RAC

    Assistant Clinical Director

    Cherie Guidry


    John Hall


    Stanley Morris


    We believe that addiction can be managed though spiritual solutions, cognitive restructuring, education and the experience of learning to live an addiction free happy life.

    About The Serenity Center of Louisiana

    The professionals at The Serenity Center of Louisiana provide high quality Chemical Dependency Treatment. We offer care for male and female adults (18 and older) faced with the challenges of alcoholism and drug dependencies.

    At the Serenity Center, we believe that addiction is a primary drive that should be managed through education, therapy, AA step work and learning to live addiction free.

    Development of coping skills to sustain long term recovery is the goal at the Serenity Center. Accurate evaluation, physical, emotional and mental is the key to our success.


    Treatment centers often water down the 12 step process to lengthen the treatment stay. Serenity Center confirms that the AA-12 step model of treatment continues to give clients their best chance at recovery. Using the Recovery Dynamics model, education of the problem and application of its solution using spiritual tools, gives the client everything they need to be successful in life.

    Our multi-disciplinary team will meet to review each client’s progress so that our approach and treatment is continuously updated. Goal oriented and client specific methods provide the basis for patient care and prevention of relapse.


    Begin by calling us at 225-241-9471. One of our highly trained assessment team will speak with you about your needs for treatment. Upon admission, a preliminary decision will be made about placement in the program. Those determined medically unstable will be referred to a local hospital or detoxification center until medically able to return to us. Clients will also be accepted following detoxification by referring facilities and physicians. Entry into our program will begin as soon as it has been determined that it is medically safe. Serenity Center does accept referrals, but a client can refer him or herself. Insurance and private pay arrangements are also initiated with this call.

    Confidentiality is our goal. The privacy of our program and confidentiality of our clients are guarded at all times. We maintain a secure facility; only program participants, facility personnel and authorized visitors are allowed on the premises.

    Serenity Center accepts most private insurance and direct private payments.

    We believe that addiction can be managed though spiritual solutions, cognitive restructuring, education and the experience of learning to live an addiction free happy life.


    Unity Speaker Meeting and Dinner

    Time: 6:30(PM)


    ***Please note: November and December combined unity meeting will be held Friday, December 4, 2015***

    This event will be a monthly occurance on the last Friday of Each month at Jefferson United Medodist Church, 10328 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 Dinner served at 6:30 pm and Unity and speaker meeting following dinner. Yearly chips will be given out. Come out for food, fun, recovery and fellowship. We hope to see you there.

    Time: 6:30(PM)

    Aftercare-St. Paul Lutheran Church : 7PM Wednesdays

    Time: 7:00(PM)


    Aftercare, for The Serenity Center of Louisiana, will now be held at St. Paul Lutheran Church, (same place as the noon meeting), 2021 Tara Blvd., WEDNESDAY NIGHTS, 7PM TO 8PM, OPEN TO ALL IN RECOVERY, Join us for The Message of Recovery. Starting, July 15th.

    Time: 7:00(PM)

    Latest Blog Posts

    Fear of the Unknown

    I was taught in Nursing School that "Fear of the Unknown", was the greatest fear. In recovery, I have come to know that this is true. Our self preservation instincts, operating in a healthy way, keep fear at bay with Logic. When the instincts are operating in an unhealthy way, fear becomes the ruler of our lives, leading us to illogical decisions and behaviors or when fear is dominating, into no action at all.

    I've been taught that when fear is leading our lives, Faith in God, as you understand him, is the solution. The knowledge that God is the Alpha and The Omega, All-knowing, and can lead me out of any situation harmful to me, is a gift that only those that know Him understand.

    In and out of recovery, I've met people along my path to peace, that have been using a spiritual way of life to combat fear for a long time. Until I grow in spirituality enough to sustain my Faith, I have used some of these Blessed People to guide me through some rough days. No matter how long I'm sober, I will always need others to help me on days that are hard.

    Fear isn't a monster to me anymore. Simply put, it's an instinct that is God given, and in proper portion, can be very useful.

    5 min read
    5 min read

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