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12 Step Program

Addiction can be a difficult and sometimes lonely journey, and without professional help, it can feel insurmountable.

We offer a 12 Step Program that is often very successful for our clients. Serenity Treatment Center, with two locations in Louisiana, provides effective treatment for those battling addiction. As a part of our treatment programs, we utilize the 12 steps because it is an evidence-based treatment that has helped many people.

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This program is a proven method for people struggling with addiction to achieve recovery and maintain sobriety. These programs are based on a series of principles and steps that promote personal growth, self-awareness, and a spiritual connection to a higher power.

The 12-step program was created by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as a way to overcome their addiction to alcohol and has since been adapted into other recovery programs for various addictions. The program works by encouraging members to admit their powerlessness over their addiction, make amends for their past mistakes, and help others who are struggling with addiction.

Members attend meetings regularly and work through the 12-step program with the support of sponsors, who are individuals who have already achieved recovery. The process of this type of program is personal and requires commitment, which is why many people find that the program is effective in helping them reach long-term sobriety.

Recovery programs that utilize the 12-step method include Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous, to name a few.

The 12-step program emphasizes the importance of honesty, humility, and a willingness to change behavior that is detrimental to sobriety and personal growth. The process requires individuals to take responsibility for their actions, make amends for past wrongs, and learn how to live in a way that promotes a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

Helping others is also a key component of the program, which fosters a sense of community and support for those in recovery. In conclusion, the 12-step program has helped countless individuals achieve sobriety and maintain it through the support of a structured approach that emphasizes personal responsibility, self-awareness, and helping others.

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If you’re struggling with addiction and looking for a way to break free from the cycle, a 12-step recovery program can be tremendously helpful. At Serenity Treatment Center, we offer a wide range of treatment options, including 12-step programs, individual therapy, and group counseling.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping you achieve lasting recovery and reclaim your life. Contact a member of our team by calling us at (225) 361-0899 or filling out our online form.