Preparing for Recovery

Serenity Treatment Center

Our Goal

The goal of The Serenity Treatment Center reaches far and wide, but primarily, the objective is to help clients restore their well-being and physical health, clear out toxins through detoxification, and ultimately free clients from any substance abuse or addictions.

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Serenity Treatment Center

The Recovery Process

Traveling this path can be a little frightening when first beginning; however, when an individual makes the decision to enter treatment for an addiction dependency at the Serenity Treatment Center, they soon discover that their commitment leads towards sobriety and peace of mind. Yes, the road to recovery is initially unknown; however, with our support coupled with the resources, and the empowerment received by our expert team members, the recovery process is very rewarding.

Our team of experts, which includes physicians, psychiatrists, counselors and nurses, will remove any mystery surrounding the process so that each client feels safe and secure during recovery. Given that we understand what each person is going through, we help clients face their fears in a way that is comforting. We don’t expect that an individual will jump in without any apprehension, anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed, which is why we’re here to help each person cope with any challenges. A participant is not alone in this experience, for we at the Serenity Treatment Center are eager to support clients in as many different ways as possible. Most important, we lead the way out of chemical dependency and free a person to live a life of joy.

Serenity Treatment Center

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When you are ready to start on the road to healing, the Serenity Treatment Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will provide you with all the tools you need to live a substance-free life.

You may contact us at (225) 361-0899 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.