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Continuing Care

Once you complete a residential treatment program, making sure you have continuing care is an important concern for us as well as our patients. At Serenity, there are several steps to your recovery that you can move into. Most patients move into an outpatient program and then into an aftercare program.

These are vital as you transition into a sober lifestyle outside of treatment. This is what you need to know about continuing care programs for substance abuse recovery.

continuing care services

Continuing care is the set of treatment steps that you take after a residential program. The residential program removes you from your life so that you can seek treatment in an isolated and protected space.

Once that program is complete, continuing care helps you transition back into your life outside of the treatment facility.

Successfully following up of your residential treatment can consist of several programs and resources. The most common first step is an outpatient program where you live outside of the facility but return regularly for treatment.

After that, there is usually an aftercare program where you occasionally seek treatment in our facility on a limited basis and focus on resources within your community. For example, a program like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in your neighborhood can be a maintenance system that you can rely on close to home.

Continuing care is important because it slowly and gently helps you transition back into an environment that can trigger your addiction again. This gradual transition makes it easier to set up the systems and resources that you need to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Programs and resources like these help you learn how to live a different lifestyle and strengthen your resolve to remain healthy. Sometimes, without the right care, people fall back into the same habits that they had before, even if they don’t want to. Continuing care supports your development of a new lifestyle free of addictions and bad influences so that you can live a happier and safer life.

In continuing care, you can expect to participate in treatment options regularly, although those options change based on the type of care you are in.

For example, outpatient programs offer therapy options that you had in treatment, while aftercare generally focuses on group therapy involving patients who have already completed their treatment process.

The goal is to continue to do the things, like group therapy or one-on-one support, that help you resist your addiction over the long term.

In our opinion, continuing care is necessary for an effective and enjoyable recovery. Being thrown back into an environment where addiction took hold of you without any support is a recipe for disaster.

We want you to have the support that you need to be successful and change your life for the better.

At Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana, we have an intensive outpatient program designed to ease the transition back into your life. You still get access to therapists and treatment options while getting to live at home and return to your daily activities.

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Jumping back into your life without support can lead to a relapse and the need to start the treatment process over again. Make sure that the program that you sign up for has the appropriate treatment options to help you make a smooth transition back into your life. Contact the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana by calling us at (225) 361-0899 or filling out our online form so we can help you get your life back on track, free of addiction.

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