Detox Program

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Detox Program

Recovery begins by taking the first steps into a treatment program for substance use disorders. For many people struggling with addiction, the first step is a detox program.

Serenity Treatment Center offers a detox program at our Mid-City location to help you get your recovery off to a strong start.

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Detox is a program where someone who has struggled with addiction undergoes a process to wean them from whatever substances they are addicted to. Detox should be done under medical supervision and its goal is to rid the body of the toxins, such as alcohol and addictive substances, so you can begin recovery properly. Withdrawal from an addictive substance can be dangerous without proper medical care.

Here at our facility, medically trained professionals monitor you for a period of up to 72 hours in semi-isolation. During that time, you can do things like read, listen to music, or do other activities that we can monitored.
It takes place in a semi-isolated space so that you cannot harm yourself or others and where our staff can give you individualized treatment as needed. For some, detox can be a difficult process based on the withdrawal from their substance of choice. If that is the case, then our staff can offer several medical interventions to ease the discomfort and help you through the withdrawal process.

Detox is important because it allows your body to adjust to a lack of alcohol or drugs in your system. To stop using drugs or alcohol and begin recovery, you need to purge the drug from your system and deal with the physical symptoms resulting from that absence. So, we will help you to get these toxins out of your system.

Common withdrawal symptoms may be shaking, sweating, vomiting and cramps. You may also feel irritable, anxious, or depressed. Withdrawal symptoms are hard but brief. We can provide medical interventions to make detox easier.

You may not need to go to detox to start your recovery. It largely depends on which substances you have been exposed to and how long it has been since you took the last dose. If it has been long enough to get the substance completely out of your system, then you can likely go straight into one of our recovery program. However, you will be assessed by a medical professional to determine if you need the detoxification.

After your completed detox, we recommend you start the residential recovery program. This is where you live on premises, start to go to therapy and other interventions to work on overcoming your addiction. Going straight into the residential program after detox gives you a prolonged period without access to the addictive substance and makes it easier to transition into a sober lifestyle.

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Detox can be the start of positive changes in your life, so don’t be scared to go. We will be right with you and under our care you will detox safely and comfortably.

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