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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an important part of any treatment program. Everyone has their own influences and factors that led to their addiction.

Therapy can help people in treatment address the underlying causes of their addiction so that they resist those factors and maintain a sober lifestyle.

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Successful treatment programs tend to include several forms of therapy. Individual therapy gives participants one-on-one time with skilled and licensed therapists where they can address their personal influences and issues. Individual therapy allows for a more intensive focus on individuals that they likely won’t get in other forms of therapy, such as group therapy.

In individual therapy, you meet with a licensed therapist to discuss the factors that contribute to your struggle with addiction. For example, some people discuss their relationships with family or friends that led to their addiction. In other cases, they may discuss traumatic events or other possible influences that, once dealt with, may make it easier to overcome addiction.

All individual therapy sessions are managed by our staff of licensed therapists. Our therapists are fully licensed, trained, and certified to work with patients recovering from addiction, as well as other forms of recovery.

Your therapy sessions are run the same way that professional therapists run sessions in any other circumstance. You work one-on-one with a therapist to address individual issues, with an expectation of confidentiality.

The only difference is that our therapists work with the rest of our treatment team to develop a comprehensive recovery plan that meets your specific needs. This leads to better results since your treatments are customized to your needs.

Individual therapy sessions can include a variety of therapy types, but the majority of the work is done through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is widely considered to be one of the best therapy options for addressing addiction. Our therapists are trained to use CBT as a primary option for therapy.

In CBT, therapists work with patients to help them understand the underlying causes of their addiction and find ways of addressing those factors so that they can make healthy life changes.

In your therapy sessions, your therapist will talk through things that could contribute to your addiction with you and look for ways to help you address those factors. The main mode of therapy in CBT is talking, so you’ll spend the majority of your time discussing things with your therapist.

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