Graduate Stories

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca had tried it all and lost it all. Still, drugs and alcohol seemed like a better option than sobriety until she came to Serenity and discovered a life she never knew she could have.

Chet's Story

Chet bounced back and forth from prison, to friends’ couches, to the streets and homeless shelters until finally ending up at Serenity. Now he’s building the life he always wanted but never knew how to get.

Bonnie's Story

Bonnie was a well-respected teacher, mother, and grandmother with a spotless criminal record – until a secret addiction caught up with her. Serenity helped her get her life back better than before.

Devan's Story

Street life, violence, and prison were the norm for Devan until he landed at Serenity. Now he teaches Recovery Dynamics at Serenity, is working on his Master’s degree, and is enjoying life with his family.

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