What to Bring

Serenity Treatment Center

What to bring when entering the program

We at the Serenity Facility are proud to welcome clients to our treatment programs. In support of your stay and to make the experience as comfortable as possible, the following list includes what to bring and what is required when entering the program.

Compulsory Items:

  • Photo ID – Very Important
  • Insurance Card. 
  • Prescription medication currently in use. Very Important
  • 7 Days of Clothes (See Dress Code)
  • Tennis Shoes, Shower Shoes, Slippers
  • Laundry Basket
  • Bathrobe
  • Hygiene Items – Deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, Body wash, Shaving Cream, Razor
  • Hair Dryer/Flat Iron
  • Laundry Pods for washer/dryer
  • Wristwatch (not necessary)
  • Extra Pillow/Blanket
  • Cigarettes

Please refrain from bringing:

  • Make-up
  • Aftershave lotion
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Expensive or sentimental items such as jewelry

Our Dress Code:

  • Clothing should be neat and fit appropriately
  • Saggy pants are not allowed; all pants must fit at the waist
  • Shirts should not be too tight; if bra marks can be seen
    through the shirt, it is too tight
  • Shirts must cover the torso
  • Sleeveless clothing is not allowed
  • Clothing must not have holes
  • Shorts and skirts must reach below the knee
  • Sleepwear should follow the same rules as daytime
    clothing; appropriate fit, no sleeveless shirts, shorts
    below the knee
  • Clothing that has references to drugs, alcohol, sex or violence is not acceptable