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While all treatment facilities do what they can to help men and women recover from substance abuse, we at The Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana go above and beyond to assure that treatment is successful. We understand the many challenges associated with substance and alcohol addiction, plus we know how the problem can impact family, work, and society. It is for that reason we emphatically believe that choosing the right facility is a critical choice. With two campuses here in Baton Rouge, we have the space and staff to help you meet your challenges.

Rehab has been proven to be the most effective solution for shattering the ‘cycle’ of dependence, thus allowing individuals to break free from the oppression of substances. To address the triggers and to help our clients deal with life and circumstances, we at the Serenity Treatment Center focus on the 12-step AA program, which is mandatory during treatment. We also incorporate group, individual, and family therapy coupled with medication assisted treatment (MAT)physical fitness, nutritional input and social skills.

No matter who you are, We have help for you.

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The team members at Serenity Treatment Center recognize that at the root of a person’s addiction is some form of pain, leaving that person unprepared to handle life & the trauma associated with addiction. Our protocol is to help each client work through the pain by understanding themselves & the consequences associated with addiction.

Serenity Treatment Center

Why Us?

Founded on the principle of lasting recovery, we at The Serenity Treatment Center wholeheartedly believe that addiction can be controlled and managed through a variety of tools and resources, which include spiritual solutions, cognitive restructuring, and education. In other words, by learning through our Recovery Dynamics model and applying these empowering tools, our clients can learn to live an addiction-free life.

Ultimately, the goal of the Serenity Treatment Center is to help clients develop coping skills that sustain lasting recovery. During treatment and to prevent a relapse, each client is assured that the solution chosen fits their particular needs. In support of each client, our professional experts consistently meet with each participant to review their progress, making sure the approach is current and updated.