Detox Center Near Me

Detox Center Near Me

Whether you’re struggling with a substance abuse problem personally or are looking for a loved one, knowing where to find a “detox center near me” is often an important consideration. One of the steps towards recovery is seeking help and having that help readily available makes it easier to get started. In Baton Rouge, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana operates at two locations, with detox services available in our Mid City location.

What Happens During Detox Programs?

Detoxification, nicknamed detox, is a process for clearing the body of drugs or alcohol. The process of allowing the body to rid itself of these addictive substances is not easy as you will likely crave the missing substance. Detox programs, like the one Serenity Treatment Center offers, are designed to help individuals safely detox while under the supervision of trained professionals.

At the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana, during detox, you will first be assessed by medical staff to determine your overall health, the severity of the addiction, and the type of substance being abused. The staff will then create a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs. The detox process may involve medication to ease withdrawal symptoms, as well as therapy to help manage the emotional and psychological effects of withdrawal. It will require staying at our facility during the detox process.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Detox programs vary in length and type, depending on the substance, severity of addiction, and individual needs. Withdrawal symptoms can also prolong the detoxification process, which can last from a few days to a few weeks. The severity of withdrawal symptoms also varies depending on multiple factors, such as the type of drug abused, the frequency and duration of use, and the individual’s physical and mental condition. Generally, detox at Serenity Treatment Center lasts between three and five days.

How Should You Choose a Drug and Alcohol Detox Program?

Choosing a drug and alcohol detox center near me is an important decision that should be taken with careful consideration. Louisiana residents are fortunate to have a facility in their state to turn to in their times of crisis. Although the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana takes out-of-state patients, most of our patients are from Louisiana.

Some things to consider when looking for a detox center near me is first, what is the level of care needed. Inpatient programs usually provide the most comprehensive and intensive care. Detox can be done at home, but it is difficult, and results are not always successful. Most doctors would agree that detoxification should be done under medically supervised care.

It’s also essential to choose a detox program that specifically addresses the substance that one is struggling with, whether it be alcohol or drug addiction.

You will want to choose a detox program that is tailored to your situation, needs, and goals. The right program should consider your medical history and any underlying medical conditions that could affect treatment.

Finally, choose a program that you feel safe with. You want a program with a knowledgeable and caring staff that can bring you through this difficult period with compassion.

When Detox is Over

Once your detox is completed, it’s important to have your post-detox treatment options arranged. At Serenity Treatment Center, we suggest good options for treatment after detox, including our residential treatment program and intensive outpatient care. Programs are designed to aid in successful recovery from addiction.

Residential treatment or inpatient care may be the best option for you after detox. This type of care offers 24/7 supervision and support. It allows clients to focus solely on their recovery without any outside distractions or “triggers.” A residential stay is about a month long.
Intensive outpatient care is another treatment option that may be suitable for those who require less intensive support and have a stable living situation. This type of care allows you to continue your daily routine while receiving support and guidance from our team of experts.

Our program lasts 8 weeks with treatment at our facility three days a week.

In the Serenity Treatment Center, many clients start with detox, move into the residential treatment program, and then move to the intensive outpatient program. This complete sequence would last around 90 days. Once the intensive outpatient program is completed, it is important for clients to continue with other services like individual therapy, group therapy, or family therapy to get the support they will need. The goal of the Serenity Treatment Center is to help clients develop coping skills that sustain lasting recovery.

Contact Serenity Treatment Center

Whatever your treatment needs are, Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana is here to help you along your journey toward lasting recovery. Our well-trained staff, programs, and facilities offer you the best opportunity to heal.

Contact a member of our team by calling us at (225) 361-0899 or filling out our online form. We can answer any questions that you may have. Let us help you get the treatment that you need.

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