Recommending Treatment Center for Substance Abuse Disorders

Recommending Treatment Center for Substance Abuse Disorders

group therapy - recommended treatment for substance abuse disorders

You’ve reached a place where many people find themselves on the road to recovery. You know you need help, your friends and family are behind you the whole way, and you just need to know what to do next. A substance abuse treatment program is the next step, and choosing the right one is an important part of your recovery. How do you know which one to choose?

While there are many facilities to choose from and a range of criteria to use, the best option is to go with what others recommend. At Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana, we help people in the same situation as you treat their substance abuse disorder and find a new direction for their lives. Here is what some of our previous program participants have to say about our substance abuse disorder treatment options.

Our Treatment Method Changes Lives

Our goal is to help people struggling with substance abuse addiction change their lives for the better. That often means helping people make changes on a deep level. It can be disorienting at first, but our process has the potential to change people’s lives for the better.

For Morgan B, one of our previous program participants, treatment at Serenity Treatment Centers of Louisiana was an unexpected life-changing experience. In Morgan’s own words, “My experience at Serenity Treatment Center was an experience that changed my life. It was a blessing in disguise.” Many people come into our program with low expectations since they have been to other rehab programs, only to find that our combination of atmosphere, staff, and treatment options is what makes the difference.

Our Staff is the Key To Our Success

Through it all, our staff is the greatest key to our success in treating substance abuse disorders. That’s because our staff is dedicated to helping people in an environment that is perfect for recovery and life-changing care.

Our previous patient, Andy B, said it best, “The staff, outside speakers, teachers, and counselors were all here to help me grow in a manner that suited my personality. Even though I was hesitant to commit to sobriety when first arriving, I’m leaving with an understanding and a framework to base a positive lifestyle around.”

At Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana, we pride ourselves on providing the best resources for our program participants to learn everything that they need to know about living a sober life. The result is helping participants see that a sober lifestyle is not only possible but it can be the best way forward for giving them control over their lives again.

Our Process Goes Deep to Find The Cause

Addiction recovery is not just about treating your addiction. No matter how much you focus on the addiction itself, any gains are only temporary if you don’t address the underlying cause.

Take Tonya S, for example. She said, “I never knew why I kept doing the things I was doing.” In fact, nearly all of our patients can say the same. Many other treatment programs focus on the addiction and not what led to it in the first place. We focus on uncovering what triggers your addiction and work from there to resolve it.

The results speak for themselves, “The Serenity Treatment Center taught me that Alcohol and Drugs weren’t the only problems I had. I had to change everything about myself, even the way I thought about things.” When done right, our method of looking deeper than just the surface-level addiction helps people change the way they think, making their addiction much less powerful.

Contact Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

Our program is open to people who are serious about finding ways of changing their lives for the better. If you are considering addiction treatment for substance abuse to get control over your life again, contact the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana by calling us at (225) 361-0899 or filling out our online form. Our program goes far beyond just treating your addiction. We also have continuing care options to help you maintain your sobriety and keep the control that you fought so hard for.

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