Recovery Dynamics: A Better Path to Sobriety (video)

Recovery Dynamics: A Better Path to Sobriety (video)


Recovery Dynamics A Better Path to Sobriety Serenity Treatment

Devan Castille: My job entails specializing in the 12 Step model of addiction and recovery dynamics.

Carren Comeaux: I was forced into AA, and I could read the 12 Steps without even looking at them on a piece of paper for years, but I never understood them.

Dionese Gerbrecht: We teach them about the physical side, that they possess a physical allergy.

Devan Castille: When your body does not metabolize alcohol or drugs at a certain rate, and this craving is produced, you’re powerless over that.

Rebecca Carpenter: It was no longer this just I’m different and I don’t fit in. I actually fit in to a whole group of people.

Dionese Gerbrecht: We also teach them about the mental side of the – once you are detoxed and free of the substance, why do you keep putting it back in?

Carren Comeaux: While they’re in group therapy, they’re going to learn how to deal with their anxiety, PTSD, all that stuff, in a healthy fashion.

Chet Lavigne: It helped me understand why I’m an alcoholic.

Rebecca Carpenter: It was scary. At the same time, it was extremely relieving.

Bonnie Pritchard: Why did I not know that I don’t have to put a substance in my bod to cope with what’s going on around me.

Dionese Gerbrecht: We call it clear the wreckage of your past.

Devan Castille: I put my head on a chopping block. If you follow the directions that I teach in my class, I will cut my head off if you can’t stay sober.

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