The No-Excuse Treatment Designed for Everyone (video)

The No-Excuse Treatment Designed for Everyone (video)

Dionese Gerbrecht, administrator of the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana, shares her insight in this brief video of what makes the Center so special. As in many cases, it is the people who make a difference and fulfill the goal of the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana to provide outstanding addiction treatment designed for everyone. Staff members, some of whom have walked the same path to recovery that you are seeking, have empathy and passion for the journey. They celebrate your milestones and success along with you and your family and friends. They offer a wide range of proven programs and services that you can benefit from, including Residential Treatment, Alcoholism Programs, and Detox programs. Learn more about the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana and our programs.


” My name is Danny Scarborough. I am the administrator of Serenity Treatment Center. We serve male and female population 18 and older. We have the capacity now with 87 beds and four IOP classes that there’s literally no waiting, we’ll get you in. We have three vans, and we transport clients not only to the intensive outpatient on a daily basis, but we transport them to treatment if they’re unable to get a ride. I use Uber. I put people on buses. I put people on planes. We’ll get you here. I’m in recovery myself. That’s how I got started. I think just about everyone is in recovery with the exception of the medical team and some of the counselors. I think that gives us advantage because our staff knows what it’s like to be on the other side. It gives them the ability to have compassion and empathy and to help them along and train them better.

We really strive to make sure that they get it, that they understand what alcohol and addiction is all about, that you can recover. It’s not just the AA program, but it’s a way of living. Not just staying off on drugs and alcohol, but how to participate in society. In our rec therapy here, we help them learn how to fill out a resume, learn how to dress, some social media tips. We help them with a court system. We assist them with getting IDs. We really care and we take the time to work with each individual. They start at the beginning of our program and work through the end of the IOP, the Intense Outpatient. You have walked all the steps. We recommend you go to sober Living. You get a real fresh start and we’re going to follow you the whole way. Even after that, we reach out and we have an alumni call system where we call and check on you to make sure that you’re okay. I’ve seen lives just completely transform. It’s very exciting. “

Your Beginning Starts with the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

Located in beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana is a unique sanctuary where our clients can safely and securely start on the road to a substance-free life. With two campuses, the main campus on Weymouth Drive and the Mid-City campus on South Foster Drive, we have the space to help our clients.

To begin the journey to good health and freedom from addiction, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana will provide you with all the resources you need to see the addiction treatment results that ensure you live a substance-free life. Contact us at (225) 361-8445 to learn more. You can also leave us a message with our online form.

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