When to Get Help to Recover From Addiction?

When to Get Help to Recover From Addiction?

when to get help for addiction

Addiction is something that a lot of people live with for a long time before seeking treatment. Many people struggle with addiction until their lives spiral out of control. Don’t let this be you. Seek treatment for a better chance at life. These are the times when you know that you need to seek help to recover from addiction.

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom is when things are at their worst. You’ve probably hurt your loved ones and blown up your life in some way. When you’re addicted to alcohol, it isn’t unusual to slowly let your life fall apart like this.
Hitting rock bottom feels awful and can feel like you can’t recover. However, this is very often the turning point. This is where your loved ones step in with an intervention.

Before It Hurts The Ones That You Love

You don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom to take action. Many people who seek treatment wish that they had started before their struggle with addiction hurt their loved ones. Families are torn apart by the actions of people who abuse substances, especially when using drugs like PCP or bath salts that drastically affect the way that you think and behave. You can prevent this from happening by deciding to make a change right now.

After You Relapse

While people strive to live a sober lifestyle after starting their recovery, being surrounded by bad influences and triggers can lead to a relapse. For example, if you did drugs like cocaine or ecstasy, then spending time in the places where you did them can trigger a relapse. One relapse does not have to ruin all the hard work that you’ve done, but it does mean that you need to take a step back and refresh.

At Serenity Treatment Centers of Louisiana, we have an aftercare program that can help with this. Getting back into a treatment program right after a relapse gives you the best chance of getting back on track.

Anytime is a Good Time

These are all examples of something bad happening to push you into action, but the truth is that any time is a good time to seek addiction treatment. Why wait for your life to fall apart before getting help? Take action as soon as you can avoid any major problems in your life. Seek treatment now for the best outcomes that you can hope for.

Now is the Right Time

If you are trying to decide when to get help to recover from addiction, now is the right time. Don’t wait until something bad happens when you can get help now and avoid the major damage to your life.

At Serenity Treatment Centers of Louisiana, we want to help you recover from addiction. Contact us by calling us at (225) 361-0899 or filling out our online form. Let us help you get started on your recovery.

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