Why Alcohol is So Addictive

Why Alcohol is So Addictive

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common addictions to have and can affect anyone at any time. With so many things that can cause addiction, why is alcohol so prevalent? There are several reasons why alcohol is so addictive and causes more problems than many other addictions.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, seek treatment right away. Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana has programs to help you recover from addiction. Here is what you need to know about why alcohol is so addictive.

Alcohol Affects Pleasure in the Brain

From a science-forward perspective, alcohol is so addictive because it trains people to want it. Alcohol stimulates the pleasure parts of the brain and inhibits negative feelings. When people drink, they tend to feel better and associate alcohol with positive feelings and experiences over time.

The more someone drinks, the more they can be conditioned to like it. That’s how the addiction forms. The brain also adapts over time to need alcohol to produce positive feelings, making it a physical need as much as it is a biological or psychological one.

Alcohol is Widely Available

Unlike many other drugs, alcohol is widely available on a level not seen by other substances. Not only that, but it is one of the few legal drugs that is used specifically for pleasure purposes. Because of this, alcohol is accessible to people of nearly every age and socioeconomic status despite laws restricting its use.

There are more places legally selling alcohol than other drugs as well. You can buy alcohol in a lot of places as long as you meet the basic purchase requirements. That’s not to mention the places that will sell it even if they shouldn’t. With so much access, alcohol easily reaches a larger audience.

Alcohol is More Socially Acceptable

Another problem is that alcohol is more socially acceptable than other substances. Alcohol is widely accepted in social situations, including in situations with underage consumers present. It is glorified on TV, in media, and among social groups. Since it is so widely accepted and endorsed, people are exposed to it very often. Without specific measures in place to help prevent addiction, many people find themselves addicted to alcohol before they even realize it.

What Do I Do If I Am Struggling With Alcohol Addiction?

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, you can seek treatment at a qualified treatment center. There are ways to fight addiction and help you recover. There are many people who have overcome their addictions and go on to live healthier, fuller lives because of their hard work. You can overcome alcohol addiction as well with the right help from the right treatment program.

Contact Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

Seek help for alcohol addiction as soon as you can. It is possible to start down the path of recovery and regain control over your life. What you need is help from the right treatment facility.

Contact the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana by calling us at (225) 361-0899 or filling out our online form. We have the right set of treatments to help you start your recovery. We also have continuing care options in place to help you after treatment is over to help prevent relapse.

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