Why Family Matters For Recovery

Why Family Matters For Recovery

When your loved one is struggling with addiction, it can seem that the road to recovery is a difficult process that they have to navigate on their own. But actually family members can be a natural and necessary part of recovery. When a family member has successfully completed a recovery program, they will return to their life and live sober. An understanding family support system can make a huge difference in their sobriety.

Having a strong support system after the end of treatment is one of the reasons why it is so important to have family involved in the recovery process. Research shows that having family involved in treatment for substance use disorder increases recovery success rates. In this article, we’ll discuss why family matters for recovery and continued sobriety.

Family Therapy

As a part of the treatment process for overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana includes family therapy as a part of our services and programs. Families exist in systems. It can be difficult to make real changes for recovery without addressing other concerns within that family system. For instance, if certain family dynamics and past issues continue to cause anxiety, it is important to address them. Otherwise, this unresolved anxiety can cause a slide back to substance abuse to cope.

Another important aspect of family therapy is confronting the damage done to family members by the addict. Addressing the needs of family members and rebuilding trust goes a long way in the healing process. In many cases, the addict may not realize how their actions have impacted their families. Family therapy can serve as a safe and compassionate way to talk about past indiscretions, ask for and find forgiveness, and move forward as a family.

Learning Signs of Relapse

Family education is another important part of recovery. By participating in the recovery process, family members can learn more about addiction and the signs of relapses so they can help their loved ones avoid relapses in the future. A family can learn to recognize how to identify triggers such as stress, exhaustion, and family drama.  Knowing what can cause a relapse, a family can help their recovered addict use their learned strategies to respond in a way that is not self destructive.

Contact Serenity Treatment Center

We understand that addiction affects families, not just individuals. We are here to help support your family during this time. We also focus on rebuilding trust and education. If you or a family member needs help with recovery from substance abuse, please call the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana to start the recovery process. Contact our team by calling us at (225) 361-0899 or filling out our online form.

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