Why Family Therapy Leads to Successful Recovery

Why Family Therapy Leads to Successful Recovery

In substance abuse treatment, there is a chance that you will participate in family therapy. This type of therapy leads to successful recovery in many of the patients helped at the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana. Family therapy is a common mode of treatment that can help people maintain their recovery over the long term. It also provides help and support for the people around you who have been impacted by your addiction, giving you a chance to heal broken relationships.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is similar to group therapy, except the group is you, a therapist, and your close family and friends. It is a common part of treatment programs for a variety of reasons, but it is shown to be effective in motivating people with addiction problems to stay in and complete treatment. In this case, family is defined as a group of people who care about each other and call themselves “a family.” This could include parents, children, domestic partners or spouses, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, caregivers, and other professionals that are close to the group.

At the Serenity Center of Louisiana, family therapy is run by a moderator, trained to work with families and with experience in substance abuse recovery.

What Happens in Family Therapy?

In a family therapy session, the group meets with the therapist in order to address and resolve problems within the group. As the group learns to allow others to speak, to actively listen, and to look for ways to positively resolve issues that have caused pain and distrust, participants begin to see that family therapy leads to successful recovery.

People with substance abuse issues often have difficult or strained relationships with the people around them. This is especially true of family members that pushed them to get help.

In therapy, the therapist works to show you the impact of your addiction on others while also addressing personal issues, such as judgmentalism, favoritism, or trust, within the group.

The goal of therapy is to motivate patients to work toward improving relationships with their close family and friends. That way, negative relationships don’t push the patient back into using drugs.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy has several benefits that make it an important part of substance abuse therapy. These benefits include:

Resolving Complicated Family Relationships

Identifying and resolving the problems in family relationships that make them complicated can lead to better overall health and decision-making for patients. Unresolved complicated family relationships are often a precursor to drug use.

Seeing the Impact of Your Addiction on Others

One of the areas where people with substance addictions struggle is to see how their actions impact the people around them. Family therapy addresses this problem directly by showing you the impact on family members and close friends. Seeing the impact of your actions on others can further motivate you to avoid substance abuse so you can enjoy being a positive part of your family and friends’ lives.

Building a Support Network

When family therapy works, it can help you build a support network within your family. This can be a crucial benefit of therapy since you need positive support going forward to maintain your recovery. Both you and your family understand better what is needed going forward and how to behave in a supportive way to each other.

Do I Need Family Therapy To Recover From Substance Abuse?

No, you do not need family therapy to make a full recovery. However, it is highly recommended because of the potential and important benefits. Working with your recovery team, you can decide if family therapy is right for you.

In some cases, patients are not able to participate in family therapy. They can still work on their recovery, but if a patient can participate, they may do better at maintaining their recovery with the help of their supportive family network. Family therapy leads to a successful recovery when issues are resolved and a network of mutual support, trust, and love is formed.

You do not need to have actual family members participate in family therapy if they are unwilling or unable. The key is participating with the people who are close to you who fill those family roles, even if you are not related.

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Family therapy is a useful component of substance abuse treatment, which is why we, at the Serenity Center of Louisiana, recommend it. We include family therapy in the treatment process to ensure that you have the opportunity to add this type of help to your recovery journey.

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