Extraordinary Treatment Results – Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

Extraordinary Treatment Results – Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

The Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana’s Clinical Director of their Weymouth Drive location, Cherie Guidry discusses extraordinary treatment results of the Serenity Treatment Center in this brief video. Like many of the staff at the Center, she shares a passion for her job. The caring, compassion, and expertise that is brought to their clients is extraordinary and promotes job satisfaction like no other.

Their goal is to offer hope, solutions, and ultimately a healthy future for men and women struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Their success rate is amazing because recovery is done the right way with the focus on you, and making the path to recovery clear and manageable.


A Unique Center with Extraordinary Results Serenity Treatment

“My name is Cherie Guidry. I am the Clinical Director at the Weymouth location. What is unique about our process is one, the passion. The counselors at Serenity Center go above and beyond. We have transportation available to where people have the availability to come to treatment. If they don’t have a driver’s license, or they need a reprint of it, we’ll bring them to go get that. We make sure that our clients get the help that they need.

We are a family, a real family. As a result of that, our clients get the best of that world because we all work together. We’re all passionate about this one thing, and that is to help. Our facility provides detox. It provides residential inpatient. It provides intensive outpatient.

The difference between just going into AA and treatment is that in treatment you get a break. You get a break from the world to clear your head, to really understand. Our facility, we have a sponsorship program where people from the AA community actually come in, do AA meetings. They come sponsor them so that way our clients have already worked steps and are ready for that next phase of their recovery, that transition into AA.

After residential, it prepares them for that next phase. We recommend a lot of sober living. We work with a lot of sober living in the community. A lot of our clients go from inpatient into sober living and then attend our three day a week IOP program where they have a counselor still to where they can transition back into the real-world learning how to use the tools that were taught inpatient.

We help. We don’t stop. I love that about this, seeing how on fire everybody is. It’s not just a hey, come in and get treatment. It’s a we really want to set you up for life, for success.”

Treatment Results with Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

Located in beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana is a unique sanctuary where our clients can safely and securely start on the road to a substance-free life. With two campuses, the main campus on Weymouth Drive and the Mid-City campus on South Foster Drive, we have the space to help our clients.

When you are ready to start on the road to healing, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana will provide you with all the resources you need to see treatment results that ensure you live a substance-free life. Contact us at (225) 361-8445 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. You can also leave us a message with our online form.

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