How Good Friends Support Your Recovery

How Good Friends Support Your Recovery

Having good friends can be an invaluable asset when it comes to recovering from substance abuse including alcoholism. Good friends support your recovery in many ways. From providing moral support and understanding to helping you stay on track with your treatment, such friendships are a part of the recovery process that can provide that extra love and encouragement you need. Sometimes, even the smallest gesture can make a big difference. At the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana, we know the power relationships can have on your recovery and we use that aid in your treatment. Today let us show you how having encouraging friends can help you reclaim your health.

Good Friends Provide Emotional Support

It’s no secret that addiction is a difficult battle to fight alone; having someone to talk to during this time can make all the difference. Good friends who understand what you’re going through will be able to provide support, comfort, and compassion during this tough time. They can give you an objective perspective when making decisions about rehab and treatment options, as well as encouraging words when you feel like giving up or need motivation to keep going.

Friends Can Help Motivate You

Good friends are also great motivators, particularly when it comes to sticking with your treatment plan. Knowing that someone has your back and believes in your ability to recover can help keep you focused on the positive changes that need to happen in order for you to get better. They may also offer tangible assistance such as attending meetings with you or providing transportation for appointments if necessary; these small gestures go a long way towards showing their care and commitment to assisting in your recovery journey.

Friends With Similar Experiences

If your friends have gone through the recovery process, this can be important. Having someone close by who has gone through similar experiences can also be incredibly beneficial when it comes to recovering from substance abuse. You can talk openly about what you’re going through without worrying about them judging you for what you’re saying. They understand how you feel and will be able to offer practical advice based on their own experiences with substance abuse treatment and recovery. This kind of emotional intimacy is quite valuable in aiding your recovery, and having someone who knows exactly what it feels like to struggle with addiction can be reassuring in itself.

Friends Are Like Family

Like family, the relationship with friends we have can be a source of empowerment and positivity. Sometimes they can be complicated as well. At the Serenity Treatment Center, one of our programs is Family Therapy. In this case, family is defined as a group of people who care about each other and call themselves “a family.” This could include parents, children, spouses or significant others, and close friends as well as extended family such as grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Through therapy, you resolve conflicts, see the impact of your addiction on others, and build that support network.

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A good friend will understand and support your recovery which is an important part of overcoming substance abuse successfully. From providing moral support during treatment programs to offering practical assistance such as transportation, good friends are an invaluable asset throughout your entire process.

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