Preventing Car Repossession During Addiction

car repossession during addiction treatment

Addiction can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life, including your finances. As you struggle to overcome the grip of addiction, it’s easy for bills to pile up and financial responsibilities to slip through the cracks. One consequence of this can be the threat of car repossession, which can further compound the challenges you […]

When to Get Help to Recover From Addiction?

when to get help for addiction

Addiction is something that a lot of people live with for a long time before seeking treatment. Many people struggle with addiction until their lives spiral out of control. Don’t let this be you. Seek treatment for a better chance at life. These are the times when you know that you need to seek help […]

Finding Sobriety: The Journey from Alcoholism to Recovery

alcoholism to recovery treatment

Recovery, the path to living a sober lifestyle, is the goal of every single person in treatment for substance abuse. Alcoholism is rampant for a variety of reasons, and you are not alone in its struggles or wanting to change your life. You can finish the journey from alcoholism to recovery, but you need help […]

Extraordinary Treatment Results – Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

The Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana’s Clinical Director of their Weymouth Drive location, Cherie Guidry discusses extraordinary treatment results of the Serenity Treatment Center in this brief video. Like many of the staff at the Center, she shares a passion for her job. The caring, compassion, and expertise that is brought to their clients is […]

Can My Faith Help in Rehab?

As you face the challenge of addiction, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. Many people find solace and strength in their religion or spiritual beliefs, and there is evidence that your faith can indeed be a vital part of successful rehab. By understanding how your faith can aid you in […]

Nutrition Therapy Helps Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a difficult process that aims to reshape the mind and the body to resist substances. Nutrition therapy helps as part of any addiction recovery plan. When you are focused only on the mental aspect of recovery rather than the physical after detox is finished, you miss an important part of what is […]