Where To Go for Rehab in Louisiana

Where To Go for Rehab in Louisiana

One of the biggest problems that people with a substance abuse problem have is finding treatment options. In Louisiana, where to go for rehab can be found by contacting the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana.

Rehab for addiction isn’t something that people chat with others about. It is not like asking someone for a recommendation for a new hair salon or gym. Fortunately, places like the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana offers rehab programs and services.

Located in beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana is a sanctuary where our clients can safely and securely start on the road to a substance free life. With two campuses, the main campus on Weymouth Drive and our Mid-City campus on South Foster Drive, we have the space to help our clients. In support of this important journey, our expert and credentialed counselors, therapists, medical doctors and nurses are on hand to supervise treatment in a warm, comforting surrounding.If you or someone that you know is looking for a drug addiction treatment option in Louisiana, start with Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana.

Who Does the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana Treat?

Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana provides substance abuse rehabilitation services and programs to people in Louisiana. People come from across the state to participate in our evidence-based treatment programs. We can also accomodate out of staters.

Entry into our program begins once it has been determined that it is medically safe for a client to participate. Serenity Treatment Center does accept referrals, but a client can admit themselves if they wish.When the admission process is started, a preliminary decision will be made about placement in our program. Insurance and private pay arrangements are also initiated at the first telephone call. If an individual has been determined as medically unstable, they will be referred to a local hospital or our Mid City Campus for detoxification until they are medically able to participate in our facility. Clients will also be accepted following detoxification by a referring facility or a physician.

When you are ready to start on the road to healing, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana will provide you with all the tools you need to live a substance free life..

The Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana’s Programs & Services

At the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana, believe that addiction can be managed through spiritual solutions, cognitive restructuring, and education Our programs and services include Residential Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment, 12-Step Program, Alcoholism Programs, Inpatient Substance Abuse Program and others to address rehabilitation and addiction. We also include mental health care, behavioral therapy, and other types of therapy needed for a well-rounded recovery. Our focus is on helping you start a physical and mental recovery that rebuilds your mind and body.

Will I Make a Full Recovery?

It is impossible to say who will and will not make a full recovery in rehab. But our objective is to help clients restore their well-being and physical health, clear out toxins through detoxification, and ultimately free our clients from any substance abuse or addictions. Though recovery requires commitment, our clients soon discover that their commitment leads towards sobriety and peace of mind. Yes, the road to recovery is initially unknown; however, with our support coupled with the resources, and the empowerment received by our expert team members, the recovery process is very rewarding.

Our program regularly produces results for our clients. Many go on to live happy and productive lives.We believe that if you work with us and commit to the changes that we suggest, you can make a full and lasting recovery.

Contact Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana

When considering where to go for rehab, the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana should be on your list to contact. It is dedicated to helping its clients. If you or a loved one are seeking a successful treatment program, please feel free to contact us at (225) 361-0899 to begin the process.Contact the Serenity Treatment Center of Louisiana by phone or filling out our online form.

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